Sometimes we organise a short break just to be waited on, to relax and perhaps to take in a few sights. However, there are times when we get so stressed and overworked that we need something really therapeutic and, ideally, totally natural.

Maybe you are already a Yoga aficionado or simply a beginner looking to test the water and try out this age-old and proven technique for eliminating stress and toning up the body. Either way, there is bound to be a popular location within reasonable travelling distance where you can enjoy a soothing break in comfortable surroundings and combine it with some yoga based recreation.

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To fully recharge your batteries, you need to get right away from it all and practice some yoga related techniques without the distraction of work and family commitments. What’s more, the lessons you learn while away on a Yoga holiday break will stand you in good stead when coping with pressure when you return home.

Here is a selection of 3 great destinations in different parts of the UK where you can kick stress into the long grass.

Pennyhill Park Hotel And Spa.
Located in rural Surrey, this is the nearest of our 3 selections to the capital. Surrounded by 100 acres of beautifully maintained grounds, you would have difficulty in believing you were actually less than 50 miles from the metropolis. Pennyhill Park is a luxury Hotel and Spa where you can enjoy being pampered in the grand manner in between your Yoga sessions.
Experienced yogists and total beginners can all enjoy a variety of classes including the relatively gentle Hatha through to the more physically demanding Vinyasa classes perhaps followed by a guided meditation session.

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(Image courtesy of Penny Hill Park)

Founded in 1970 by the doyenne of the health spa industry, Dorothy Purdew OBE, Champneys remains the leading UK operator of destination health spas. The organisation’s reputation precedes it and you know you will be in good hands at any of the four resorts in Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire.

Champneys offer a wide choice of different yoga retreats spanning two nights’ accommodation. By way of example, one of its highly qualified tutors, Divya, offers yoga and meditation practices designed to de-stress at a cellular level. The practices have at their heart authentic yoga philosophy, updated to make them accessible and enjoyable for participants today. Through the mix of physical yoga work and guided meditations guests rebalance their energy, experience calmness in the body and a quietness of the mind. The restorative nature of the practices on offer on these weekend breaks beautifully compliments all the comforts of staying at Champneys Springs Health Resort in Leicestershire.

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(Image via Old Course Hotel press room)

Old Course Hotel. Right at the other end of the UK you can cross the border into Scotland and stay at the Old Course Hotel on the edge of the World famous St.Andrews golf complex. This bracing coastal location offers two different yoga techniques. The traditional Hatha yoga classes aims to improve flexibility and relax muscles while the Svaroopa classes aim to improve posture and general wellbeing by targeting the spine.

A yoga holiday in the UK could be just what you need as a natural solution to everyday stress and physical tautness.
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