Driven, hard working, determined and restless. Do any of those words describe you? How about; laid back, relaxed, passionate? Actually what am I talking about here and why should you care?

Living your life on your terms is a goal that most people dream about. The problem is the closest most of us get to turning that dream into a reality is going down the local shops and buying a lottery ticket. After all, as the saying goes, “it could be you.” Some even dream of traveling to exotic places for a living. Those who take the chance and quit their jobs to travel are considered risk takers and they are determined to live out their dream. Want to see Thailand, go. Why not? There are ways to make your dream a reality, even on a budget. Just find a cheap hotel in Bangkok ,book your flight and take off, figuring out the rest is easy.

reach your dream

Here’s a hard truth. Unless you’re looking for a ten dollar return on a hundred dollar investment, it will never be you! The people who achieve their dreams are the ones who know what they want to begin with. Then, and this is the hard part, they try to put that plan into action. The hardest thing is starting to build that dream.

passionate about your life

So whatever you’re doing today, take a step back. Dust off that dream you had when you were a child and try and figure out how you can start achieving it and then start. The only person who you will disappoint if you don’t try this is you.

Almost a year ago now, sitting in my little room in Jakarta I took that first step. What are you going to do to achieve yours?