Dubrovnik sits in the south of Croatia and is renowned for its walled exterior, keeping the city within intact. It is this wall that has seen the city become a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the biggest, brightest tourism spots in the Mediterranean region of Europe.

It’s an architectural delight and features a stunning array of buildings, from churches and cathedrals to museums and town-places. It features a rich history, dating back to when it was big in maritime trade and continues with its involvement after the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Getting In

The city is served by its very own international airport which sees flight arrivals from all over Europe. The transfers are efficient and quick but others may wish to hire a car (a reminder to secure travel insurance beforehand) as the trip down the coast, to and from the city of Split, can be incredibly attractive thanks to the scenery.

things to see croatia dubrovnik

Things To See

Dubrovnik is a curiously constructed city and though it was bombed heavily during Croatia’s War of Independence, much of the damage has been repaired but the odd remnant still exists, reminding the locals and the visitors of the city’s history. Placa Stradun, the Old Town, is always worth a visit as it epitomises the life and character of Dubrovnik with its tight alleys and Baroque architecture. The Old Port is a charming little spot as well though it can get crowded at times, particularly when a cruise ship is in town.

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The biggest attraction is, without doubt, the city’s walls, with tourists allowed to climb up and stroll the walk-ways, looking out across the sea. War-time remnants include a number of forts, all visible from the walk-ways and a number of museums for the complete experience.

things to do in Dubrovnik

Things To Do

Outside the giant walls, Dubrovnik is home to a number of beaches as most cities that lie on the beautiful Adriatic are. Lapad is a sandy beach, a rarity considering many of Croatia’s beaches are pebble, a long stretch full of bars and restaurants and great views. Lokrum Island is an excursion many wish to take in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the many tourists that flock in and out. It’s a nice little spot, perfect for a relaxing dip in the warm summer climate.

Speaking of island excursions, it almost seems detrimental not to take advantage of the Adriatic and there are a number of sailing and boat trips to experience. There are plenty of places to charter a yacht within the city and a number of places to visit, such as the Elaphite Islands and Korcula.