Holy Crazy Expensive Batman!

Aptly put, too, since only Bruce Wayne, and a few other choice millionaires and billionaires, could possibly afford to stay in hotel suites like these pretty babies.

The rest of us can certainly dream and drool all over the keyboard, though. Maybe lay a towel down over those precious buttons before continuing – you’ve been warned!

8. VILLA LA CUPOLA SUITE – Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome

This suite isn’t just a suite – it’s an experience. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the largest suites in all of Europe, being that is houses not only the usual suite extravagances, but also a private spa & sauna, a whirlpool steam bath, a private cinema, and an insanely beautiful wraparound terrace.

Nightly Rate: $30,000

7. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE – Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy

Overlooking the beauty that is the Costa Smeralda, the Presidential Suite of Hotel Cala di Volpe is recognized world-wide as one of the most gorgeous suites known to man. With three bedrooms, its own pool and private terrace, a wine cellar, and outdoor gym, it lives up to its reputation as a stand-out suite within the Porta Cervo resort.

Nightly Rate: $32,736

6. THE ROYAL VILLA – Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

Would you like to have a butler, a pianist, and a private chef, do your bidding for an evening? Well, you can – it just might be a bit pricey! However, if you do happen to be in the market for such a villa, then this is the one – you won’t be doing anything except drinking decadent martinis, swimming in the heated pool, and/or lounging in the massage room.
If you can pry yourself away from all of that, there’s also a private marina and beach.

Nightly Rate: $34,356

5. HUGH HEFNER SKY VILLA – Palms Resort, Las Vegas

Well, it’s named after dear ole’ Hugh, so it must be extravagant, right? Oh it is, indeed. Located atop the Palms’ Fantasy Tower, the 836-meter suite has a wide selection of racy Playboy artwork hand-picked by the Hef himself, two-bedrooms, a completely overindulgent bathtub, full-service bar, poker table, spa, and everything is emblazoned with the infamous Playboy bunny logo.
Oh, and did I mention there’s an indoor waterfall? Well, there is.

Nightly Rate: $35,487

4. THE PENTHOUSE SUITE – Hotel Martinez, France

There’s quite a few penthouse suites, but this one is the penthouse suite. Designed to emulate art deco perfection, this suite overlooks the Bay of Cannes and comes with a sitting room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms equipped with hammam, spa bath, dressing room, and a sauna.
Of course, there’s also the Michelin-starred restaurant, piano bar, and private beach, for when you get tired of being all cooped up in the lap of luxury.

Nightly Rate: $37,500

3. TY WARNER PENTHOUSE SUITE – Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Most of us would be quite pleased with the chance to stay in a beautiful hotel room for an evening and hardly dare to dream that we could stay in a suite that encompassed an entire floor. Topping the Four Seasons Hotel is exactly that and, there’s more; with ceiling-to-floor windows, you have a 360-degree view of Manhattan!
There’s nine rooms – every fabric within them is woven with platinum and gold – chandeliers, an indoor-outdoor garden, a personal butler, private chauffeur, private massage therapist, and a personal trainer.

Nightly Rate: $41,836

luxury penthouse in India
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2. THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE – The Raj Palace Hotel, India

As a former Maharaja’s residence, the 1,500 square meter presidential suite of the Raj Palace Hotel is quite literally made for royalty and is one of the biggest in all of Asia. It’s four-floors of golden, stucco, and ivory mirror work, with a private terrace, its own private museum, and a pool that offers a complete panoramic view of Jaipur, the pink city.

Nightly Rate: $45,000

1. ROYAL PENTHOUSE SUITE – Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Here it is – the most expensive suite in the world! Sporting panoramic views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, this suite is both beautiful and completely secure – it also sports bulletproof doors and windows, which has come in handy for many a government figure and celebrity.
The suite, of course, takes up the entire top floor of the hotel, has its own private elevator, 12 overly spacious rooms, a Steinway grand piano, a library, billiard room, and its own private fitness center.
Essentially, it’s a mini-mansion atop a grand hotel.

Nightly Rate: $65,000