Toilets; it’s one of those topics that travel bloggers just don’t talk about. Well today I want to take a step into the bathroom and reveal just what you can expect from those foreign toilets so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you land in a foreign country and your dying for the loo.

South East Asia

squatting on toilet after a long flight you could be forgiven for forgetting how to use the toilet

While you might I’m assuming that the sign I found in the toilets at Bali airport weren’t just for the tourists. In fact it’s a nice reminder of just how recently Western toilets came to this region of the world. You’ll quickly discover that the ones you find here are lower than in Europe and are designed slightly differently.
toilet hoseshouldn’t you use this to water the garden or something?

Before taking a s#%t in South East Asia it might be worth checking for toilet paper, otherwise you might be in for a nasty surprise. That powerful hose by the toilet, which is like a power shower for your bum; that’s your toilet paper and it’s about as welcome as colonic irrigation. If you’ve never used one before there’s a good chance that you’ll leave the cubicle looking like you’ve pissed yourself.


squat toilet and bend

Hundreds of years ago some designer came up with an idea that is one step above going into a bush and picking up the nearest leaf. The only people who could possibly enjoy these toilets are yoga instructors. If you’ve got stiff knees, a bad back or lets be honest, any type of injury at all then using one of these toilets is absolute hell.

Japanese Toilets

japanese toiletthis is not a cot for a baby

The original Japanese toilet was made for the creators of South Park. This simple squat design will give you hours of fun, as long as your idea of entertainment is playing with your poo. Luckily in the last few decades Japan has gone through a revolution.
hi tech japanese toilet err… beam me up Scotty

Someone put an awful lot of thought into exactly what you need from a toilet and then went completely over the top. Those buttons by the side of the toilet can warm the toilet seat, play you music, massage your bum, release air freshener and even order you a book from Amazon.

French Toilets

bidet no, it’s not for cleaning your feet

The Bidet has been confusing foreigners since it was first invented and can be found in most Latin countries in Europe. Although it doubles as a good bath for babies, its actual purpose is a second toilet. If you can’t figure out how to use it, then you can continue washing your feet with it.

Chinese Toilets

chinese toilets

while it saves time doesn’t it

On second thoughts I might just hold it… If you’re toilet shy then you probably shouldn’t go to China; there is absolutely nothing private about these public toilets. After ten minutes you will know exactly what your neighbor had for dinner and how well they digested the food they ate last night.