Foodies often follow their nose to Noosa and while there’s plenty of gourmet fare thanks to farmers markets and fresh local produce, there’s also plenty on offer to satisfy the cravings of a sweet tooth.

While Noosa has long been an excursion of gluttony for the gourmand, dessert devotees can also enjoy a trail of sweet tours during a Noosa holiday. There are a number of renowned restaurants to appeal to both palates, with menus for those who savour the savoury as well as sweet treat for the saccharine minded. However the serious sugar lovers look for dedicated dessert dwellings where their love for all things sweet, syrupy and decadent can be fully indulged.

First Stop: Nitrogenie

One such place that is delighting visitors and locals alike is Nitrogenie, a newly opened ice cream shop with a difference. Well, several actually. In fact, Nitrogenie is an ice cream shop the likes of which has never been seen before. An exciting new concept in all things sweet, creamy and cold, Nitrogenie has turned the idea of a traditional ice cream parlour on its head, instead offering gourmet ice cream flavours created the same way great chefs make them in a restaurant, using the magic of liquid nitrogen to quickly transform a creamy anglaise into a frozen treat.

The finished product is as visually pleasing as the process through which it goes to get there, an exciting show of colour, vapour and fun. The flavours and creations will change weekly to feature all manner of unusual but equally delicious creations. However one thing will stay the same, the rich base of cream and eggs blended with real ingredients to produce authentic flavours.

True to the Noosa way, Nitrogenie uses actual creamy milk and eggs with no artificial preservatives and stabilisers. Due to the quicker freezing process, the ice cream crystals are smaller resulting in smoother, denser and creamier taste and texture achieving a more authentic flavour recreation for specialties such as black forest, caramelised pineapple, condensed milk toffee crunch, chocolate cream egg, Eumundi strawberry and basil, lemon lime and bitters, lemon meringue pie, salty caramel popcorn, Turkish fairy floss…the list is almost endless.

Exquisite Flavour Trips

If you’re looking for something a little more grown up, a Moonlight Dessert Cruise certainly fits the bill. This one hour evening gondola cruise offers a romantic way to enjoy the sights of Noosa from the water as well as indulging in a range of your choice of decadent desserts from Rickys restaurant. The famous Berardos also offers a fine dining experience on Hastings Street and there’s no rule that says you can’t skip dinner and go straight to the amazing dessert menu featuring exotic creations like Jasmine Rice Pudding with cardamom and Noosa sugar cane, a Coconut & White Chocolate Bombe with a slightly more tropical feel or the ultimate indulgence, the Belgian Chocolate Malt Salted Caramel Mousse with Brewers Malt Ice Cream.

Dessert Overload

It’s on good authority that Nossaville’s Blue Angel Restaurant has rave reviews for its dessert menu that features chocolate mousse mille-feuille, warm fig tart, rosewater panna cotta, caramel apple and almond pudding and white chocolate and cherry semifreddo. Sails at Noosa Heads also offers some premium desserts with an inventive flair while Hastings Street’s La Vida Restaurant offers unique sweets like poached pear wantons as well as a number of indulgent alcohol-infused puddings, mousse and cheesecakes.

Image source: Wikimedia