Traveling is a task which can be really daunting, to say the least. Whether you are the type of person who hardly ever goes anywhere or the frequent traveler, you have been stressed by your travel aspirations in one way or another. As much as we want to make our trip perfect, there are certain things that can get out of control and the only way to avoid them is with proper planning. During my past adventures, I have experienced a handful of misfortunes. But after I started planning my following trips properly, stressful travel situations have become a thing of the past. With that, here are a few tips on how to make your next trip as stress-free as possible.
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Research, research, research. Before hopping on a plane to any part of the world, you should research about your destination first. Refer to reading materials like the National Geographic magazine and relevant books as well as personal blogs on the internet to become familiar with the climate conditions, available public transportation, laws and social etiquettes of a country.
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Pack light. Choose clothing items that are easy to layer, and can be worn multiple times. 

Bring a phrase book with you. When traveling to different places, there is no guarantee that the locals you will meet can speak the language that you have grown accustomed to. Dealing with language barriers can be time-consuming and stressful at times, believe me. So, instead of wasting time complaining that you didn’t get the Shepherd’s Pie exactly how you wanted it to be served, let me suggest that you adjust to the area’s main language. Not only will the phrase book will help you communicate better, it can also make the feel of your vacation more local.

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Originally from England, I'm slowly traveling the world on a whim. I love traveling, have an avid fear of heights and can normally be found googling location of the best coffee shop wherever I happen to be.

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  1. Great advices. I so agree with the research advice, so important! I also want to add that there are mobile phone apps that let you translate to other languages very smoothly and even can say the words for you if you’re not feeling comfortable with the pronouncing – very useful indeed! And fun since it very often put smiles on the faces ot the locals :-))))

    BTW_ thanks for your nice comment over at our blog, much appreciated.

  2. Good post – I would add that you should also plan out some of the food stops for your trip. We have a rule to never eat at places that we have at home, unless it is unavoidable. It can be a little stressful to accomplish this unless you plan out your trip ahead of time.

  3. Love this article! And defiantly agree with the phrase book part. My phrasebook follows me around like my own little puppy dog 🙂 I found that with traveling you need a good understanding of the culture and try to get into it as much as possible. Im a frequent traveler myself and really enjoy reading and sharing tips that can help other travellers.

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