Spending your holiday in an exotic destination like Thailand or Indonesia is so exciting. The sunshine, tropical weather and lovely beaches are great ingredients for a wonderful summer vacation.

Planning a Holiday in a country that is far away from where you live can be a little bit tricky though. There’s the distance, the language and the culture that you’ll need to adapt to. It’s quite a lot to manage as you step off an eight hour flight. That’s after sitting in the airport for hours and spending a couple of hours sitting in the traffic waiting to get to your departure terminal.

london airport

However, it does not need to be this way. Preparing for a trip to Southeast Asia from the UK can be part of the vacation. Staying and relaxing in a hotel close to the airport one day before a long haul flight is nice way to slip yourself into that holiday feeling. If you fly out from London, here are some idea of places to stay if you are going through Heathrow Airport:

Why are these two hotels located close to the Heathrow airport a good choice? Besides the great services that these hotels provide, the hotels also have special packages that you will love. For example, finding a parking space at the Heathrow airport, which is the busiest airport in the country, can be frustrating, especially if you have a tight timeline. The hotel has a dedicated parking space for Park, Stay and Go customers. The Spirit Health Club has various facilities from a fitness center for the gym freak to a relaxing jacuzzi. Just right for a traveller that keep the balance between staying fit and being relaxed.

I’m sure you can understand the convenience of not needing to wake up at the dead of night just to drive to the airport. Not having to deal with the stress of where to park your car, not to mention just the need to be be on time for check in. By staying at a hotel near the airport, your car parking problem are solved, you’ll wake up when you need to and be able to get a proper breakfast! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect start to your summer vacation? Just to let you know, I’m not giving you advise that I don’t use myself. This is exactly what I do whenever I need to get an early morning flight.