We all like to enjoy our Mediterranean holidays differently. For some it’s the beach and relaxing whilst cultivating a tan. For others it’s anything to do with water from snorkeling to boating and for a few it’s the destination’s heritage that they want to see.

If you are planning a cheap or all inclusive holiday to Cyprus you can do all of these things. But let’s start with some history.

Aphrodite’s Rock Cyprus

Catch up on history
Cyprus is brimming with history and many ancient sites where you really can step back in time. If you are on the west coast, anywhere near Paphos, it’s worth looking up Aphrodite’s Rock. This is where the Greek Goddess of Love is said to have risen from the water.

You might prefer to check out the Tombs of the Kings where you can explore this ancient burial site by going into the tombs. It’s really good value at €1.40 and it’s worth splashing out another €4 for the guide book.

Paphos Mosaics

Near the harbour in Paphos visit Paphos Mosaics; this is an old Roman site which is almost 2000 years old. The excavated villas have amazing mosaics that are worth seeing.

See the medieval Venetian Bridges between Paphos and Nicosia. The first one is Tis Elias and there are two more further along the trail. Originally camels carried smelted copper along these roads to the ports at Paphos and Polis.

Venetian Bridges

‘Eviva’ to ancient Cyprus
When you visit the Wine Museum in Limassol you get to taste Commandaria, the fortified Cypriot wine that has been brewed for hundreds of years. Buy the €7 ticket to enjoy the tastings of wines produced in the area. These include the top dog Commandaria and Zivania, described by some as ‘local rocket fuel’. Cheers or eviva as the locals would say. These sorts of travel extras are what holidays to Cyprus are all about.

Omodos Village

Omodos Village
Making lace is an old tradition in Cyprus. At Omodos where time has stood still, you can be sure to find local lace for sale on one of the many market stalls. The village is picture perfect and you’ll find more charming local products such as sweets, oils and wine. Don’t leave without visiting Dempsi’s glass shop where every piece is individual and hand blown.

Larnaca Salt Lake

Larnaca Salt Lake
Right near Lanarca airport is a natural salt lake. In the hot summer sun it dries up to reveal its salty bed. In winter it fills with water and attracts ducks and flamingos.

Which ever sites you choose to visit remember to take bottled water, your sunglasses and sun block with you. And of course a camera is essential to record your favourite bits of Cyprus too.