Are you in need of a boost to your physical and mental well-being? Can’t hang on until the summer holiday you’ve booked? Then why not make a little time for a speedy spa break. You can get the benefits of a longer retreat but by working it into your everyday life you’ll find the effects longer lasting. Here are some ideas for quick and easy wellness retreats.

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Wellness In Half A Day. When we think of trips to a spa, and wellness in general, the image is one of languid relaxation, a slow and gentle process that gets rid of stress. Achieving that in less than a day seems a bit far-fetched, but if you approach it right it can be done. Find a quality spa local to you and then see what half day treatments they offer. Spa Urban Oasis at Debenhams, Manchester offers a fantastic This Is The Life Half Day Experience which targets your whole body to leave you rejuvenated in just 3 hours. To get the most benefit from a half day wellness retreat time if for the afternoon and then you can return home and totally unwind.

Holistic Whole Day Spa Break. If you can spare a day out of your hectic calendar of work, family and social events then take a full day spa experience. What you get for your money really depends on each spa, but in general a day spa break will include full access to the spas heat and water facilities throughout the day (ideal if you just want to lounge around for a bit), a selection of complimentary treatments included as part of the package, water and fruit juice on tap and a healthy lunch. A great example is the Ultimate Ashdown Experience at the Ashdown Park Hotel And Country Club in Sussex.

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Wellness Weekend. Most of us can find a weekend here and there that we can spare to treat ourselves. These mini holidays can have a powerful effect on your state of physical and mental well-being, and there’s none of the stress of planning and packing for an extended holiday. Fling a few essentials into a small suitcase and away you go. To get an idea of what you’ll get for your money on a weekend retreat, SenSpa in Hampshire offer the following package: full use of the spa, a complimentary wellness class, free breakfast and lunch and a £40 voucher to spend in their restaurant each evening. You’ll find most stay spas offer a variety of different weekend packages at various price points, so find the one that most appeals and book in for a weekend of wonderful wellness.

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Stay At Home Self-Spa. We know that a lot of people are really busy and even carving out a few hours from your schedule can be a real hassle. So why not buy some wellness products from a local spa and give yourself some pampering at home in the evening. You’ll be amazed at what a couple of hours of focused wellness in your personal sanctuary can achieve.

It’s possible to build wellness spa treatments into our humdrum weeks. Instead of thinking of it as a yearly one-shot affair, little and often can be truly beneficial. If you’re interested in a short wellness break in the UK why not buy a Spafinder voucher and use it at a selection of spas across the country. Click here to find out more