We could make this a very short article by simply linking to cheap flights to Ibiza, but while it is important to acknowledge both the cultural importance and iconic status of the island’s various clubs, it would be remiss to focus the story here alone.

Let’s preface this by saying “each his own”, but let’s just say that an article about party destinations won’t have a lot of crossover with topics like family friendly or quiet sunset retreats.
This isn’t going to be a definitive list, but it will offer some advice and help which will hopefully point you in the right direction.

To keep things simple – The following three areas are broken down:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • The Balearics

Madrid spain


When deciding on a trip to the Spanish mainland it will inevitably lead to the Madrid VS Barcelona argument. Of course, it’s horses for courses but we’re comparing a city of almost 4 million to a city with just over 1.5 million, so you know Madrid is likely to have more on offer for a wider range of people.

Average daytime temperatures in Madrid are usually around 4-5+ degrees above what you can expect at the same time in Barcelona, so that’s something to consider if you are going to be partying hard. Of course Madrid hosts Europe’s largest Gay Pride event in July. Bring your girlfriend, bring your boyfriend, bring both if you want, it’s usually an amazing event with friendly people and lots to enjoy.

For the weekend warrior, a trip to Madrid’s super club Fabrik is essential. With a max capacity of 10,000 and regular appearances from some of the world’s biggest names in electronic music, you can expect to sweat from Saturday night through to sunrise on Sunday morning.

If you’re looking for something more intimate then you’re going to want to head for Mondo. This 1,500 capacity clubs is widely regarded as one of the best in the city. Highly recommended.

Barcelona spain


Spain’s second city has a wonderful reputation for fun and a warm and welcoming personality. As far as locations for spain holidays go, Barcelona has a rich cultural history and so many sights to see that you will easily pass your time until the sun goes down and the real fun begins, check some out at some great deals at Cosmos Holidays.

Being on the coast you can also take to the beach to soak up the sun if you need to recover from the night before. Just like Madrid, we could spend an afternoon listing the various clubs and events that a city the size of Barcelona has to offer but again this article only highlights two which really capture the city at its best.

Downtown Barcelona offers the wonderful Moog. This 450 capacity ’intimate’ club is as unique and entertaining as the legendary synth keyboard from which it takes its name.

The Balearics spain

The Best of the Balearics

There’s very little that can be said about these islands which hasn’t been said before. If you’re booking a flight to one of the Balearic destinations, then you already know what’s in store.
Ibiza’s popularity rises and falls and each year some smart journalist takes the opportunity to ask, is Ibiza still relevant. To be fair, the fact that this question can illicit such a strong response says more than the actual answers do.

Ibiza – The crown jewel of the party destinations in probably most people’s opinion. You know the names – DC10, Cocoon, Pacha, Space, Amnesia, they aren’t clubs, they are institutions. Cross this off your bucket list. We all deserve an Ibiza sunset story.

Majorca – While not the first choice on most party goer’s destination list, it’s been impossible to avoid the rise in Majorca’s profile with a third season of The Magaluf Weekender.

Spain is an incredible country with an energy you won’t find anywhere else.