If you’re reading this blog then you have probably dreamed about it; the lifestyle that allows you to travel indefinitely. Earlier this week I already talked about how to save money while travelling, so now I want to have a look at how to make money while travelling.

Since finishing University I have lived and travelled all over the world. It’s not been a non stop adventure, I have not been living with a backpack slung over my shoulder. I have stopped in countries to work, to refresh myself and simply because I enjoy them and I want to explore. The secret to my success is that I have created a travel lifestyle.

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Working while Travelling or Travelling to Work

Lets get straight to it; the only way that you are going to be able to travel indefinitely unless you are very rich or waiting for a big inheritance is by working. The first choice you have is do you want to to work while travelling or do you want to travel to work?

Lets be straight about this, there is a big difference between these two options. On the one hand you can find a job that will pay you a lot of money to work in exotic locations, while the other option involves odd jobs and (if you come from an English speaking country) teaching English.

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Working While Travelling

If you want to work while travelling then you should probably be thinking about career choices before you even go to University. Believe me when I say that there are thousands of options out there. You can find professional positions as a geologist in the mining or oil industries, as an engineer building aircraft or even in your countries diplomatic service. These jobs come with big salaries and the option to be based almost anywhere in the world. The best thing is, the more countries you have worked in, the more experience you have and the more options available to you.

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You do a job you feel passionate about
You earn a good salary
You have a great lifestyle

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Travelling to Work

If you want to travel to work then make sure you have lots of transferrable skills. My advice, get a teaching qualification, search for virtual positions on websites like O Desk and be willing to put the hard work in to find yourself a job when you are running low on funds (otherwise the holiday is over).

travel money

You don’t need as much money to start your travels
You earn the local currency
You learn more about a country by living in a place
You can get little extras like free accommodation

If this is the type of travelling that you are doing, remember that it is a great idea to find work in a county with a strong economy. For example, a six months working holiday in Australia will pay for a year of travelling around South East Asia.

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Create a Travel Lifestyle

Many modern day backpackers, myself included, are turning to the Internet to support a travel lifestyle. It is the modern middle ground between working while travelling and travelling to work. While trying to set yourself up as an Internet entrepeneur is no easy task, here are a few tips to help get you started:

Identify your passion
Investigate how people are making money online from it
Create a business to give you the freedom to travel

Turning those three sentences into reality can take years of dedication, late nights, heartbreak and hard work. If you’ve decided this route is for you, don’t give up, because the result can change your life forever.