Most people think that travelling has to be expensive. In fact, if you look at a lot of travel bloggers out there who appear to be travelling indefinitely you might assume that they are millionaires. The truth is, most of these people have decided to prioritize different things in life. Moreover,  you don’t need to use the refund determined by a tax refund estimator to get you started. After learning about the biggest regrets people have before they die, I can understand why.

As a result of these choices, many travel bloggers have learnt how to travel smarter. They use certain strategies that simply makes money last a little longer. Now I’m not saying I have the secret formula to saving money, but I have a few ideas. Here are 25 tips that will help keep money in your pocket so that you can have a better, longer and more enjoyale holiday experience.

how to save your money when you travel

How To Save Money While Traveling

1: Talk to Locals

If you want to learn about the area you are visiting, the best and cheapest places to eat, the nicest budget hotels or even the hidden tourism destinations then you need to be talking to the locals. Not only will you learn all of this and more, but you will also learn about the local culture. Learn how speaking to a local helped me escape a travel disaster. I’ve even got some tips on how to make friends while travelling.

2: Free Days

A free day is a day when all the museums and public galleries are open for free to the public. Now almost every city will have them and if you time your holiday right and make use of them you can save hundreds of dollars.

3: Travel Slower

If you try and visit lots of different places on your holiday then it will be expensive. Instead of racing around a country and trying to get as many different country stamps in your passport as possible travel slower. Instead of travelling in this way, slow down and appreciate where you are. There is no rush and realising this will help you save money. This kind of travel will open you up to new experiences, like meeting a Shaman and other srange experiences.

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4: Stay for Longer

If you stay for longer than one night at a hotel then there is a good chance that you can get a special deal on accommodation. Use sites like hotwirelastminute and hotels, which are great for last minute deals.

5: Phone the Hotel

Phoning a hotel directly to ask about cheap rooms or special offers is another way of saving money when you travel.

6: Sunday Nights

Sunday nights are almost always quiet nights, so make the most of this when you are making a hotel booking as you could get a great discount on a room.

how to spend less when you travel

7: Be Flexible

By being flexible, I don’t mean can you touch your toes, what I actually mean is be flexible about when you travel. The more flexible you are the more money you can save on flights (I even wrote a useful guide about the best comparison sites for plane tickets as well as how to access business class lounges for free)

8: Airline Rewards Programs

Get a airline affiliated credit card and start racking up those frequent flyer miles. This is one of the best ways to save money on flights as well as giving you express check in and access to those business class lounges.

9: Age is Important

If you are a student or a pensioner, you will almost certainly be able to save money while travelling. So don’t be ashamed of your age, make the most of it and save some money.

10: Social Media

Travel companies are wising up to the power of social media and will often notify followers of special offers through these channels. Sign up to Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for great deals like the free SGD 40 you can get if you fly through Singapore.

how to save money on travel

11: E Newsletters

Social Media is not the only way that companies will let you know about special offers. Newsletters are another popular way of sharing information. Sign up to the newsletter of companies like Travel Zoo for great offers.

12: Apartment Rentals

If you are tavelling as a family or in a large group, then renting an apartment is a great way to save money. Not only is this option considerably cheaper than a hotel, but you will also be able to cook. Now that’s two of your biggest expenses covered. Online companies like Air bnb are a good place to start.

13: Rewards Programs

It’s not only airlines that reward you, many hotel chains and online booking agencies also have rewards programs that allow you to collect points and get free accommodation. is one example. Remember thiugh, it is not only budget an mid range hotels that have these rewards programs, expensive five star chains like Hilton also run these programs.

14: Family Deals

Ask if the hotel or guesthouse where you are staying offers reduced rates for families. Find out if your children can travel for free. Ask if there is a children or even famile rate at museums. All of these tips can save you money.

15: Home Exchange

I can guarantee that somewhere in the world someone is sitting down dreaming about taking a holiday where you live. So if you have a house or an apartment, make the most of this and try a home exchange.

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16: House Sitting

If you are happy to look after someone’s property while they are away on a business trip or even on vacation, then house sitting could be the perfect option for you. If you get the chance to do this, it really is a great way of travelling.

17: Guest Houses and Hostels

Hostels are targeted at the budget traveller or backpacker. They are normally cheap, simple, clean and friendly. If you are travelling alone, hostels are a great way of meeting other travellers. Remember to sign up for hostel cards like YHA to get discounts on accommodation,

18: Couch Surfing

Almost every long term backpacker has tried Couchsurfing. Not only is it a great way to save money, but it’s also a perfect way to meet locals. Another alternative option that is growing in popularity is to rent a room in the house of a local.

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19: Camping

A tent, a sleeping bag and some open space; camping is just that simple.

20: Public Transport

Using public transport is a great way ti travel green and experience a country. Obviously the quality of the local transportation can vary tremendously, ranging from the lurching over crowded yet colorfully painted buses in India to Japan’s bullet trains.

21: Walk

Most of us were born with two feet and it is still one of the best, healthiest and indeed cheapest means of transport. So if you are in a city made for walking, then go out there and appreciate it.

22: Pack Lunch

Making your own pack lunch or even a picnic is a great way to save money. Head down to the supermarket or local market to buy some fresh food and then go to a city park for lunch. Expensive cities like New York and London are perfect for this kind of activity.

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23: Street Food

Street food will almost always be cheaper than a restaurant. In places like South East Asia, the street food will normally be just as tasty as anything you will find in a restaurant, so make the most of it.

24: Time Share

Ok, not something that I’d advise for everyone, but if you do attend a timeshare presentation you are normally entitled to a free holiday. Just prepare yourself for the hard sell :/

25: Travel Local

Remember, going on holiday doesn’t have to mean travelling to the other side of the world. There are plenty of great activities to do in your own backyard.