Every year there is a vote on the most friendly and least friendly countries to visit in the world. So who made it into the list of the top ten least riendly countries to visit in 2013? Take a step back as we reveal the residents of which country that are most likely to spit in your pudding and throw you out of a moving vehicle for looking at their camel.

Bolivia Holiday


The resentment of loosing their ocean has made Bolivians a bitter people. These coca growing farmers are on a constant come down because of the habit of chewing narcotic leaves. Don’t make eye contact and whatever you do, watch out for the wrestling mammas who will slam you to the floor if you even think about complaining about your prison cell dormitory.

trip to russia


The tradition of giving Russian children a bottle of antifreeze to celebrate their fifth birthday has turned Russians into a bitter people. Avoid sharing a friendly shot of Vodka in the country that invented Russian Roulette. Put simply, expect no warm embraces when travelling through this cold country.

trip to mongolia


Genghis Khan gave a great example of Mongolian hospitality when he toured Asia in the 12th century on the “I Your Friend” tour of Asia. His main act involved juggling the skull of his opponents after he had killed all of the inhabitants of a city. Expect a similar welcome if you decide to visit Mongolia.

Trip to Pakistan


When a celebration involves firing an AK-47 into the air, you don’t need much imagination to figure out what will happen when your the unwanted guest. Instead of staying here, move over to Afghanistan, after all, Americans are a lot friendlier and while they’re in the neighborhood…

Venezuela Journey


Annoyed at being excluded from the Axis of Evil, Venezuela has decided to turn its back on the outside world. Any tourists travelling through the country will be labelled as American CIA agents and immediately deported.

Now they don’t look so scary now? Do they?