With boundless enthusiasm and a desire to have a good time you can guarantee an unforgettable holiday in Catalonia. Almost every week of the year, there are traditional festivals with life-sized mock-ups of dragons and dwarfs, leisurely street fairs selling local produce, religious holidays, music festivals and even graffiti and sculpture events.

The sheer range of events is just a small part of what makes Barcelona such a special place to visit. Of course, this is not a secret and tourists come from the four corners of the world to visit this bustling city, meaning it’s always a good idea to book a hotel in Barcelona well in advance of your trip.

festivals tips barcelona

For anyone interested in experiencing the highlights of this wonderful city, here is a short guide to some of the best local festivals of Barcelona.

Religious Festivals

Like much of the rest of the world, large religious festivals happen throughout the year in Barcelona and are always an excuse to have a good time. Every year kicks off with the Epiphany Parade, which is held in January, to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men. Other big festivals include St George’s Day, St. John’s Day and the Festes de la Mercè held in September. For the big festivals, carnivals are staged, floats are created and roses are handed out.

Folk Festivals

While the religious festivals are often an excuse for excess, the folk festivals are far calmer affairs. The Sardana, Catalonia’s folk dances, are still a must for visitors. Events happen throughout the summer months and into the early autumn and were once associated with paganism and witchcraft. You can even join in the festivities and try to learn a few of the traditional dances, but it helps if you don’t have two left feet!

Music Festivals

Barcelona is famous for its music festivals and there are a lot on offer. The music ranges from the more progressive electronic beats of the Sonar Festival through to the more refined harmonics of the Barcelona Jazz Festival and the diverse beats of the Primavera Sound Festival. The diversity of music on offer ensures that whatever your taste, there is a festival to cater for it.