It’s finally happened; following weeks of wind rain and snow, the spring sunshine has come reminding everyone in Britain that summer is just round the corner. In just a few more weeks it will be time to pack up those bags and head off for a great break on the continent. It could be something simple, maybe just a long weekend in Paris or perhaps a week in the South of Spain. Whatever you decide to do there are some things that you will need to prepare.

summer holiday

Cheap Flights
Knowing where to find the cheap holiday deals is key to keeping your holiday costs down. Finding the best comparison sites will definitely keep the costs down. You should also keep an eye out for special deals and last minute flights to enaure that you get the best deal possible.

airport lines

Getting There
You can guarantee the big airports are going to be absolutely heaving at this time of year. With Heathrow Airport still busy arguing with environmentalists about building another runway, it could be worth thinking about the smaller airports. Stansted is a great alternative for example and with Stansted Airport parking you can leave your car at the terminal without any worries.

Airport in Bristol

If you happen to be living in the North of the country then regional flight hubs like Liverpool airport are a great option. In the South, Bristol Airport is the hands down winner. Much like Stansted, Bristol Airport parking means you can leave your car at the airport, which is just what you need for a hassle start to your holiday.

house in Portugal

Hotels are just one of the many options out there for holidaymakers, however the costs can quickly stack up. While couchsurfing is a nice option for backpackers, I prefer to do a house exchange. Having your own place makes travelling feel, a bit less like travelling! You’ve got your own kitchen to cook meals in, a living room to relax in. It is just so much better than living out of a hotel room.