Rekindle the magic in your relationship by heading over the Channel to one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris. While Paris hotels can vary dramatically in price, you will be able to find one in this compact city that provides easy access to all the amorous attractions. Many visitors to the city will agree that there’s something special in the air, here and while the major sights are a must at some point, they’re certainly not the be-all and end-all of Parisian charm.

things to do with your partner in paris

By staying in the city for a long weekend, you can open yourselves up to the magic and delight that the city holds. You just need to know where to look. Here are some top tips on places not to be missed, to ensure that your amorous weekend is as special and memorable as possible.

Head for Le Square du Vert-Galant first, a notorious spot for young loves – a tree-lined garden that will transport you into a world of your own and somewhere that you wouldn’t expect in the heart of this buzzing city.

museum for couple in paris

The Musee de la Vie Romantique is essential as a pair of lovebirds. Translating as the Museum of Romantic Life, its home to a quaint collection of romantic pieces of art and antiquities.

Enjoy a spot of lunch at an intimate little bistro – there are plenty of them lining the cobbled streets of the city, so you’ll certainly have plenty of options. The rustic charm of an authentic Parisian eatery is all you need to keep the magic flowing.

Of course, a romantic trip to Paris would be incomplete without a visit to the Rodin Museum, predominantly to view the famed sculpture, The Kiss – as one of the most passionate sculptures in the world; it’s a must-see for lovers.

things to do for couple in paris

Relish every moment of your time together, because within a few days, you’ll have to return to the wonders of everyday life and your quality alone time will greatly diminish. Let Paris reignite the flame and enjoy a romantic city break.