My Australian road trip was an unforgettable experience, yet the trip my friends and I took from Brisbane to Sydney is just one example of the awesome kinds of road trips that you can have around this country. There is plenty more on offer if you are willing to look around and each route has its own highlights. The Australian Geographic has some great ideas for different Australian road trips.


Of course before you head off on your Australian road trip you need to organize things properly and get yourself the right kind of transport. My friends and I opted for renting one of the hundreds of campervans that backpackers use for roaming Australia’s road system. That’s an option of course, but another option if you have a bit more cash available and some time on your hands is to buy a used motorhome.


Buying a used motorhome doesn’t have to be a headache. There are plenty of dealerships and even websites selling used motorhomes. While a dealership gives you the chance to inspect what you’re buying, doing it online means you can arrange to buy something before you even arrive in Australia, which has its advantages (no taking days in a taxi running around the city trying to find something that’s right for you).


Getting rid of the motorhome or campervan after your Australian road trip need not be a hassle if you organise yourself properly. Instead of arriving at your final destination with no idea of who to sell your vehicle to, try and arrange a buyer in advance. If you know roughly when you’ll be arriving at the end point of your journey, hit the online backpacker forums and leave messages; phone up hostels and see if they’ve got an notice board where you can advertise.


Follow some of these simple and let me say it obvious steps and the memories you will take away from your Australian road trip will be about the breath-taking scenery and great times you’ve had along the way, not the terrible hassle, time wasted and money lost trying to get yourself the right vehicle for the adventure.