People will do anything to stay warm as I was finding out. There must have been almost 100 tourists and backpackers packed onto the little viewing platform that misty Thursday morning waiting to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. All of them had arrived early so that they could capture the perfect photo moment, but none of them were prepared for the freezing conditions.

bromo sunrise view

It was bitterly cold up here on the top of the hill exposed to the elements. The wind ripped through my clothing clothing causing me to hide behind the stone ledge for shelter. Most people had arrived wearing jeans and a jumper, almost nobody was ready for this. It must have been about five degrees Celsius out here and I could see that people had come to Indonesia expecting tropical temperatures and packed accordingly.

bromo trip java

Just as the sun began to rise a heavy mist crept in over the land obscuring the view of the mountain. It looked like the perfect photo moment had been ruined, but not deterred I set about capturing some of the best dressed travellers. There were plenty to choose from. from the ones who were wearing socks on their hands to the person who looked like he had a sleeping bag on his head.

mount bromo java indonesia

mount bromo java