Larnaca is a small city on the southern coast of Cyprus near the Larnaca Salt Lakes. It is a beautiful, picturesque city with a vibrant culture and a wealth of things to see and do.
Larnaca’s popularity as a tourist destination has been increasing over the past decade, and it’s easy to see why. The city itself, being that it is the oldest city in Cyprus, is steeped in culture and history, while the areas surrounding the city are filled with stunning examples of nature’s beauty.
This article will provide 5 reasons why the Larnaca’s Salt Lake region never fails to amaze.


#1 – The Pink Flamingoes
Larnaca’s famous Salt Lakes can be found to the west of the city. Of the four salt lakes, Aliki is the biggest followed by Orphani, Soros, and Spiro. These four lakes interconnect to form the second largest salt lake in Cyprus.
The area surrounding the Salt Lakes is beautiful with rolling hills, clear skies, and mountains in the background. It is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely stroll, especially during sunsets.
In the winter months between November and March, tens of thousands of colorful, migratory birds visit the Salt Lakes and use it as a temporary home.
Of the dozens of species of birds that visit the Salt Lakes during their migratory pattern, the pink flamingo is by far the most common. These pink flamingos gather together in the center of the lake where they perform ritual mating dances and breed. They also play with each other and sing loudly.
While the Larnaca Salt Lakes are beautiful all year round, the best time to visit them is during the winter months when the pink flamingos come to visit.


#2 – The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque
The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque is the largest and most impressive mosque in Larnaca and one of the most beautiful mosques in Cyprus.
Built hundreds of years ago, the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque was built in honour of ‘Umm Haram’, the wet nurse of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Over time, a cemetery, minaret, mausoleum, and convent were added to the mosque.
Today, the mosque is open to visitors of any religion. Inside, visitors can explore the mosque and attend religious services.
The mosque also contains an impressive ornamental garden filled with dozens of beautiful plants and flowers. The garden also has stunning views over the nearby salt lakes.

Diving Larnaca

#3 – The Wreck of the Zenobia
The seas surrounding Larnaca are full of colourful fish and other exotic marine animals. They also contain a number of reefs, underwater caverns, and other sights.
Arguably the most famous of Larnaca’s underwater sights is the wreck of the Zenobia, a ferry that sunk on its maiden voyage in 1980. Divers can head into Larnaca’s waters and see the wreck and its cargo up close by booking a trip at one of Larnaca’s many diving centers.

Old part of Larnaca

#4 – Old Larnaca
Like most Cypriot cities, Larnaca is separated into two parts: an old city and a new city. While the new city is a vibrant, modern city filled with all the usual amenities, the old city is full of old buildings, museums, and art galleries that tell the city’s long and storied history.
Of the many sights in Old Larnaca, the Church of Saint Lazarus is arguably the most impressive. Built in the 9th century, the Church is built around the tomb of Lazarus, the brother of the Virgin Mary.
Despite its age, the Church is remarkably well preserved. Visitors can head inside to explore the Church or attend a service.

Great food Larnaca

#5 – Larnaca Cuisine
Finding a place to eat in Larnaca is never difficult. The city is full of restaurants and food stalls selling quality Cypriot cuisine at affordable prices.
Larnaca is also home to a number of international restaurants selling food from foreign countries. These restaurants are normally more expensive than local restaurants, though.

larnaca salt flats

The Larnaca Salt Lakes region is one of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus. It is also full of fun things to see and do. You can take snapshots of a picturesque village, see tens of thousands of colorful birds, explore a mosque, sample traditional Cypriot cuisine, and more. Getting around Larnaca is also easy by using car hire Cyprus.
Make sure to follow the advice given in this article to make the most of your future trips to the Larnaca Salt Lakes region.