Travelling in Africa can be confusing because the continent has a few climate zones. For instance, in the north there are seasons that are identical to those in Europe. Head to a place like South Africa, and things are turned around completely. Stay in the central area, such as Kenya and things become “temperate”. Their hottest months are January and February, and yet most of the year is warm and somewhat dry.

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Generally, this is why a lot of travellers want to take safaris in the early part of the year because the weather is a drier and water is scarce. This means that all different types of animals gather around familiar watering holes to get their fill. Thus, you can see many safari snapshots that show groups of lions sipping water right near groups of animals that they might be chasing a few days (or even hours) later.

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If you want to avoid the height of the tourism season, and yet still see a lot of the native wildlife, you can plan a luxury safari at the height of annual wildebeest migration. This occurs across the massive plains of eastern Africa, and can see more than one million animals travelling from the Serengeti plains to the hills of Kenya. Not only do the wildebeest make their way to Kenya during the June through October season, but so too do hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle as well.

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Naturally, this also means one additional thing – the predators are on the move too. It is not unusual to see the large predators such as the lions and hyenas also following the massive migratory routes at this time too. So, if you want to choose the ideal time to take a luxury tour of Kenya, don’t settle for the tourist season in January and February. Instead, avoid the crowds and ensure the best array of services possible by booking your visit in August.

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August is the true “height” of the migration season in Kenya and ensures that you will see the animals as they journey to their seasonal new home. The added benefit (apart from the absence of many tourists) is that the weather is much more amenable too. Things are not so hot and dry, and this means that you can often enjoy hours of observation without any discomfort. If you also choose a luxury tour provider you can be sure that daily picnics, knowledgeable guides, and exclusive locations from which to view the animals are part of the package too.