As one of the worst winters in recent memory finally gives up the fight, it is any wonder we’re all hankering after some sort of sunshine escape? With the stresses and strains of the 9 to 5, a lack of fresh air and a distinct lack of money sending us all into a bit of a tizzy these past few months, a holiday might just be the only real chance we have of finding a bit of bliss.

trip to croatia

If money worries are stopping you from booking up, now’s the time to get into investigative mode and scout out the web’s best low price package holidays. A weekend treat would be nice, a few days in the country would be even better – but if the aforementioned tale of woe sounds all too familiar, then surely you deserve at least a week of guilt-free relaxation?

relaxing holiday

For some real R ‘n’ R, here’s our pick of the best destinations to consider! (Not everyone is an adventurous sort, so forget mountain climbing or water sports; we’re talking the type of trip where the only exertion you’ll have to worry about is the short walk to the beach…)

dalmation coast

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Although it has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, Croatia still remains one of those holiday destinations yet to be catapulted into the mainstream. Its Dalmatian Coast is beautiful: with secluded beaches and soaring cliffs scattered with small local villages, it’s the perfect place to zone out and enjoy some soothing Mediterranean sunshine. If you’re looking for affordable accommodation, we’d recommend heading inland as hotel prices tend to be cheaper the further in you go, and you can always nip in and out for days on the beach.

holiday to Corsica

Corsica, France

If money is holding you back, you might envision a French holiday consisting of a quick trip to Paris (and granted, with Eurostar usually offering reasonably priced tickets like the current Paris return for just £69, it is an easy option). However, what about an all-inclusive trip to somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Don’t dismiss Corsica – with its stunning mix of coastal and lush hilltop scenery, it’s a photographer’s dream. If you can’t get your hands on a package, you could consider camping for even more of an affordable option.

trip to greece

Skopelos, Greece

For a location which conjures up images of real tranquility, there’s Greece. With its clear blue seas and a temperature which often soars high into the thirties during the summer months, it’s a place where even the mosquitoes move at a sluggish pace. For the ultimate peace and quiet, head to Skopelos, one of the sleepiest Greek islands of all. If you’re not the best decision maker, this is the place for you – with little to do apart from sunbathe, swim, eat and sleep, you won’t have any trouble zoning out!

holiday to Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall, UK

This option might not deliver on the sunshine, but that doesn’t mean it won’t offer escapism. With the type of coastal scenery to rival anywhere else in Europe, Cornwall and Devon are two of our most beautiful counties. Any holiday here has got to be all about fresh food, quaint Bed and Breakfasts, and gentle exploration of the local towns and villages. A wonderfully affordable option as you’ll already be saving money on flights, but if you’re looking to cut back even further then check out Travelodge’s range of low price summer saver rooms.

If you’re yearning for long, lazy days on the beach – don’t just daydream! Any one of the aforementioned locations would deliver some much-need peace and tranquility, so get booking.