Australia boasts no shortage of epic scenery and hairpin turns to entice motorcycle enthusiasts to its shores. Visitors to Victoria won’t want to miss a spin down the famous Great Ocean Road, which is widely considered to be one of the most enjoyable biking roads in the world. Hugging the coastline at first; the road ventures into the countryside and eucalyptus-scented mountains before veering back towards the coast, with enchanting views along the way. It may not be the most challenging road, but it more than makes up for it in panoramic, show-stopping scenery including the famous Twelve Apostles rock formations.

great ocean road australia
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Before You Go
Covering 280 kilometres, you can spend a day touring the Great Ocean Road or take your time and stretch it out over a leisurely weekend. If you have the time, you can begin your journey in metropolitan Melbourne with its parks, bustling cafes, and lively nightlife. From here, you can choose a motorcycle or tour group to venture out with. The road is well-paved, so you could ride anything from a chic used Vespa to a more serious touring vehicle like a Harley. Use local comparison sites like Bikesales to find the right fit for your journey and plan ahead.

The peak season for driving the Great Ocean Road is during the summer months, from December through February. During this time, the water will be warm enough for swimming and the little surfing villages along the way will be hopping. However, this also means that the road will be quite crowded. There’s something to be said for touring the road in winter instead, when you’ll be able to enjoy this meandering road freely with the wind in your hair.

Enjoying the Ride
After you’ve chosen the right bike, left Melbourne, and started whizzing your way down the road you’ll see just why everyone talks about the Great Ocean Road. The route twists and turns its way between massive cliffs and the sparkling ocean below, with plenty of challenging curves for bikers to enjoy. It’s tempting to floor the accelerator, but the speed limit is 70km per hour for a reason and you can enjoy the curves at a lower speed as well. Take your time and stop off at the numerous coastal towns as they catch your fancy. These provide an ideal resting point to enjoy the ocean views more closely, or try your hand at surfing.

The road leaves the coast about midway through to dart into the Otway mountain ranges, which provide lush greenery to motor your way through. This stretch of rainforest is also well worth a stop for a picnic and a stroll, and if you’re lucky you may spot koalas in the eucalyptus trees. One of the most iconic sights is the 12 Apostles rock formation. These mighty boulders jut out of the ocean and are hard to miss. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road with so many distractions, but the road itself is also part of the thrill.

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Charming villages, panoramic lookouts, and native wildlife compliment the twists and turns of this journey. Often listed as one of the top motorcycling destinations in the road, there’s no shortage of reasons to tour the Great Ocean Road if you have the chance.