If you’re stuck in Jakarta for a few days and you’ve already visited Pulau Seribu, then fear not because the city has some awesome nightlife. The sprawling metropolis comes to life on the weekend as the countries young middle class clock off, put their best clobber on and head out for a good time. With everything from the large funky clubs, swanky bars and heaving techno clubs, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained. So depending on your interests here’s a rough guide to the city.

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Jalan Jaksa
This is Jakarta’s equivalent of Khao San Road and has been a mecca for backpackers for more than a decade, but things are changing. Jalan Jaksa is going through a serious face-lift and with a block of luxury flats under construction and a swanky bar on the corner of the street you know that backpacks will very shortly be exchanged for summer suits. Still for the moment times are good, so pick a bar, pull up a chair and enjoy the cheapest beer in the city as you take in a bit of Jakarta nightlife.

Kota is the home of Stadium, one of the most run down sweaty clubs in the city. The club is run by the military and there are despite its reputation for drugs the club never has any problems with the police. This is one part of Jakarta nightlife that the guidebooks say you should experience at least once. If drugs and partying is your thing then I’d agree, if not, well there are nicer places around.

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Kemang gets filled up in the evenings as the young and the rich (who are often one and the same) mingle for a night of drinking and entertainment. There’s always a new bar opening up in this part of town and the Jakarta nightlife of Kemang is lively and offers diverse music and entertainment. It’s a great place to visit if you want to start exploring Jakarta.

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Blok M
There’s only one reason that you come here and that is for the girls. Blok M is one of the many red light areas of the city, but this is the one most commonly frequented by foreigners. The main street offers a mixture of bars with gyrating women, loud music and lots of dark corners. It’s a part of Jakarta nightlife that draws a lot of foreign attention.