It’s hard to imagine that such a small island can have so many different facets, but with Barbados this is entirely true. With Barbados luxury holidays you’re not just signing up for an exotic break on smooth sands that sink between your toes – you have the option to add so much more to your Caribbean itinerary. Where you stay on the island can influence what you do once you’re there – the west coast is awash with golden beaches scattered with luxury hotels and elegant restaurants that serve up the finest quality fare, while the east coast is much more rugged and ‘natural’, bringing visitors closer to the true essence of Barbados.

surfing in barbados

The east coast is incredibly popular with the cool dudes – the surfers looking to ride the crest of the waves as they crash up on the shores, before they sit back and enjoy an ice cold drink bought from one of the beach shacks on the sands. Meanwhile, the south coast is where it’s at if you’re looking for excellent nightlife opportunities – it’s where all the glitz and glam can be found, perfect for holidaymakers looking for night-time revelries as well as daytime fun.

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Let’s not forget the larger towns and cities that can be explored, too. The island’s capital, Bridgetown, is a melting pot of bijou boutiques, homely restaurants and bistros and a wealth of culture and heritage spots.

Perfect for outdoor and sports enthusiasts, there’s a plethora of exhilarating and relaxing opportunities on your doorstep. From the top quality golf courses where a stint on the fairway is a great way to while away an afternoon, to the variety of watersports that can be enjoyed in the bays, a Barbados holiday is exactly what you make it.

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If you’re hoping to sample a piece of Caribbean luxury as part of your next globetrotting adventure, look no further than a blissful Barbadian break – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much this island can cram into your itinerary!