Road trip- two words that are getting me very excited at the moment. In fact I’m anxious to get back on the road after spending the last two months in one place trying to set up a few different business ventures with friends. So let me share with you my plans and what I hope to be doing over the next two months on the road.

road trip in indonesia

On Friday I will be starting a month long journey across Indonesia. I will be leaving my current home of Yogykarta and travelling almost 1,400km to the island of Sumbawa – I might even go as far as Flores. Along the way I will stop off at Ijen, with its Sulphur lakes. From there I will drive across Bali and then board a ferry to Lombok, before finally arriving in Sumbawa, where I will spend a few relaxing days by the beach getting myself together.

my first road trip in indonesia

Now at this point, I’m not to sure what my plans will be – or how flat my bum is going to be. However, as long as my bum is in reasonable shape and my bike is not broken, I will take an eight hour ferry to Flores, however I won’t be driving all the way across the island. Instead I want to visit Waerebo – a village that is famous for its local architecture – Bena – another village, this time famous for its local textiles – and Kelimutu – which is located in the highlands and has a lake of three colours.

best place to visit in flores

On the return journey I will be stopping off in Bali for a month to recharge my batteries and meet up with an old friend from University – well that is the plan at least. Anyways, I have a bag to pack and plenty of things to do before I go, so I will write again once I’m on the move.