Announcing the Most Important Decision I’ll Make This Year

I’ve made a big decision in my life. It’s been more than three years in coming. From next month I will stop living in Jakarta and be moving to Yogyakarta. It all comes back to what I said last week about living a life without regret and it is a decision I should have made […]

When Jakarta Floods. Some of These Photos Are Crazy…

When your house gets flooded and everything you own washes around your ankles, you feel like the world has been turned upside down. Anyone who has ever lived through flooding in Jakarta will know what I mean, but I’ll get to that later. Over the last week the rains have come in the late evening. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Jakarta’s Nightlife

If you’re stuck in Jakarta for a few days and you’ve already visited Pulau Seribu, then fear not because the city has some awesome nightlife. The sprawling metropolis comes to life on the weekend as the countries young middle class clock off, put their best clobber on and head out for a good time. With […]

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