Nusa Penida: The Best Kept Secret in Bali

In three years in Indonesia, I have visited most parts of Bali. Even for someone living in the country, Bali, is still the classic tourist destination. The beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere of the island offers an important release valve when everything in the capital gets a bit too much. I normally visit Bali at […]

When Jakarta Floods. Some of These Photos Are Crazy…

When your house gets flooded and everything you own washes around your ankles, you feel like the world has been turned upside down. Anyone who has ever lived through flooding in Jakarta will know what I mean, but I’ll get to that later. Over the last week the rains have come in the late evening. […]

Everything you Need to Know and Arrange to Climb Mount Merapi

Tired, hot, dusty and smelling like an animal that had been dead for a week I hobbled slowly down the slope to the car park after having climbed Mount Merapi volcano, Indonesia’s most active volcano. Far from feeling like an all-conquering hero, all I wanted were some simple home comforts; a hot shower, a change […]

The Most Amazing Tourist Destinations on your Doorstep

Exploring your own backyard is just somethingg that most people don’t do and I’m as much a culprit as anyone. Despite having lived a large part of my life in Somerset, I had never explored the cultural gems in my area like the Roman baths in Bath until earlier this year. I’ve still only seen […]

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