I felt like I should have been yodelling, not sitting down watching the world go past. The hills around Huaraz, Peru, are perfect for a bit of yodelling. Surrounded by snow peaked mountains that glisten in the high altitude sun, I could almost believe that I was in Switzerland and with a good alpine horn I’m sure I could have made myself heard over the other side of the valley. That said, I have enough trouble trying to make any sound come out of a didgeridoo, so I put my Swiss dreams to rest and appreciated the amazing view.

Trekking Huaraz, Peru

Huaraz is picturesque and there is plenty to see and lots to do. The most popular past time for tourists here is trekking. The aim of hiking in this part of the world isn’t to trek Choquequirao (although you can see some Incan ruins), but to conquer mountain peaks.

Huaraz Peru

The mountains surrounding Huaraz, Peru, are part of the Cordillera Blanca, which aptly translates as White Range. They offer some of the most accessible and best mountain climbing anywhere in Peru. When my friend visited here he climbed Quebrada Ishinca, a relatively short six-day hike from Huarez. It’s actually an easy climb, but he told me it was one of the scariest experiences he had while in the country (the roads are deadly. Think 200-foot sheer drops and you’ll get the idea).

Huaraz, Peru

Not having the time to climb the mountains, I just explored everything under the snowline. Just doing this though made me appreciate the beauty of the region. The crystal blue and icy cold waters of lake Churup was one my personal highlight during my brief stay in Huaraz, followed by the hot springs (I’d recommend doing it in that order).

Even though I never got to see any hikers with socks pulled high singing German songs, I could never let go of the feeling that I was in the Swiss Alps, maybe if I was American then I’d be thinking of the Rockies. Whichever it is, one thing’s for sure, this is a beautiful part of the world and one that nobody should miss.