Talking about a vacation to Orlando is often synonymous with spending time at amusement parks, be it Walt Disney World, SeaWorld or Universal Studios. But what if you are not a ‘theme park’ person? Well, don’t worry. Orlando has a lot more to offer than theme parks. What’s more, the less touristy stuff will definitely save you more money while you are travelling in Orlando, which is famous of being a little bit pricey.

Before talking about things that you can do in Orlando (activities that won’t break the bank), let’s cover the first step on planning a vacation. You should research how to find cheap flights to Orlando. You should remember that peak season in Orlando is March, April, June and August, so try your best not to fly on the said months to get a better bargain on the ticket! With a plane ticket in your hands, you should start thinking about your itinerary in Orlando. Here are some ideas for your Orlando holiday itinerary.

Museums and Stuff

Zora Neale Hurston Museum is open everyday except Sunday. The museum exhibits artwork from artists of African descent. They don’t set any admission fee for visitors, but visitors are more than welcome to make a donation. City Arts Factory is probably the best art gallery for local arts with free entrance. Make sure to check out on their official website to see the exhibition schedule. Though John F. Kennedy Space Center is not free, it is definitely something different and is one of the world’s most authentic space attractions. If you have an outer space addiction, explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and grab a lunch with an astronaut. I guarantee it will be a memorable day.

Orlando parks


Lake Eola Park is one of the great places to walk around in downtown Orlando. Besides just taking a stroll, you can also cycle, do yoga, run or just enjoy the view during the day or even at night. From the park, there is easy access to shops and restaurants. Looking for a perfect place to observe and enjoy the beauty of nature? Harry P. Leu Gardens is the right place to go! Though it is not free, the admission fee to these beautiful gardens is fairly cheap. Kelly Park is located in Apopka, not so far away from Orlando, is another great place, this time to enjoy wildlife. Camping, chilling in natural springs, tubing, and even seeing some animals.


Do you know that you can do a free brewery tour in Orlando on Monday – Saturday at 6 pm? Interesting in doing other free things to do? You should try to visit the Grand Bohemian Gallery, which is located at the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Don’t worry; even if you are not staying at the hotel you can still visit the gallery! There are a lot of things to see in the gallery such as oil paintings, jewelry, and sculptures.