Travel is about more than just hitting the bars and spending your days on the beach. Make your next holiday a memorable one by trying something different this year. Here are a few ideas for your next holiday.

Learn a Language

If you are going abroad this summer, start your holiday the right way by learning some local phrases. A day long language lesson won’t break the bank and the knowledge that you come away with will prove inavaluable. As opposed to 90% of the other tourists out there, you will be able to actually talk with the locals instead of just shouting at them.

local food

Take a Cookery Class

A cooking course is a great way to take your holiday home with you. Instead of leaving the amazing local cuisine behind you as you board the plane home you can recreate the local dishes in your kitchen. Not only will you appreciate your new kitchen skills, but your friends and family will be more than happy to sample your new dishes.

local workshop

Take a Handicraft Class

Instead of just buying a bag in a local market, how about learning how to make the bag yourself. From leather working to learning how to make jewelry and even metal working, there are all sorts of courses available if you just search for them.

interact with local

Meet Locals

Meeting locals is one of the best ways to learn about the local culture and discovering a cities hidden sights. The Internet offers many social platforms that facilitate meeting locals abroad. The travellers favourite Couchsurfing is a popular favourite (you can arrange to meet locals over a coffee), but there are plenty of other options out there. If you want to learn more about them, I’ll be sharing more about meeting locals abroad in my next post on Monday.