To avoid any unnecessary headaches and frustration, I’ve organised this site as simply and logically as possible. Therefore every article that I publish falls into the following themes:


This section is full of information about some of the best places to see and greatest things to do around the world. I only cover places that I have visited so that you know you’re receiving first hand information.

Travel Tips

This is my condensed version on what I’ve learnt from my years on the road, It’ a 101 travellers survival kit full of everything from money saving ideas to information on what to pack on your first trip.

Travel Stories

From moving in with a family I met on the train to eating monkey brains in the dense jungles of Peru; if it’s happened to me and I want to talk about it then this is where you’ll find the information.

Travel Blogs

Building a travel blog was hard work. I never managed to find all of the information I needed in one handy place, so here’s my effort to helping others in the travel community.

Where to Find Me

My blog is syndicated on Expats Blog and Paper Blog, I am also a featured blogger with Asia Rooms. If you want to get in contact with me then you can email: