If you’re flying through Singapore this summer then there’s something that you should know. Changi Airport will pay you SGD 40, because you chose to transit in Singapore. You can spend this money anywhere you want in the airport. There is no catch, you don’t have to do anything to get this cash.

Before I tell you more about this SGD 40 give away, I want to make a suggestion to Changi Airport. Whatever advertising agency you partnered up with to promote this free SGD 40 give away should be fired. They’re useless. Absolutely pathetic and I’ll tell you why. Last time I walked through the airport there were no adverts telling people about the free SGD 40 on offer. Nothing and it’s ridiculous.

free money from changi airport

I’ll tell you why I think there is no advertising in the airport. I think the logic goes something like this: well, these people are already at Changi Airport. They are transiting here already, so why should we tell these people that we will give them SGD 40 for free? No, let’s just keep quiet about the offer and save ourselves some money.

free money from singapore airport

Now, here’s why I think that’s a crap idea. SGD 40 for free is absolutely amazing! There should be massive posters as you get off the plane that tells everyone using the airport that they can claim SGD 40 for transiting through the airport. Changi Airport should hire cheerleaders with pom poms singing about the free money on offer and male Chip n’ Dales with free SGD 40 for using Changi Airport tattooed on their abs.

I can understand that Asia is a tough market to compete in. Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore all have great airports and are all competing for the same customers. As airport hubs, there really is little difference in service, or price for that matter between these three international airports. What Changi Airport is offering is a fantastic incentive to transit through Singapore. So if you are going to offer this service shout about it, because I think a lot of people would actually choose to transit through Singapore just because they will get SGD 40 for free.

free money in the airport

Ok, rant over. Here’s the information you wanted to know; how do you claim this free money. Just go to the customer service counter at Changi Airport and present your tickets to the counter. They will give you a SGD 40 voucher to spend on whatever you like in the airport. This promotion is valid until December 31. If you want to find out if you would be eligible then check out this website.