Yesterday, after a seven hour ferry journey, I finally arrived in Labuhan Bajo. Unfortunately, this is as far East as I go. My plans to see isolated villages and multi-coloured sulphur lakes is just going to have to be put on hold. Instead of actually having fun, I will be spending the next two days sitting in my room, under the cover, trying to get over what I hope is a bad case of flu and not Dengue or Malaria.

Although some people would be getting worried at this point – Labuhan Bajo does not have an international hospital – there are far worse places in the world to be and although I am ill, I’m pretty certain I’m far from dying. So instead of focusing on the depressing, I’m going to put a happy spin on life and give you ‘Five Fantastic Things About Labuhan Bajo.’

restaurants around labuhan bajo

1. There are Lots of Great Restaurants

Labuhan Bajo has attracted people from all over the world who have tried to build a life for themselves here. There is an Italian restaurant – no surprises – Dutch restaurants, American restaurants and lotd of Indonesian restaurants. What’s more, a lot of thought has gone into the decoration of some of these places making them nice to actually relax in – cafe Mediterraneo is a firm favourite with me.

2. The Internet Works

After more than two weeks dealing with an internet connection that is so slow I would struggle to even load up the page that Pacman was on, I’ve finally got fast internet – I promise I’m not dribbling as I say this.  *Oh, cough – the Internet doesn’t actually work at my hotel at the moment…

labuhan bajo komodo

3. There are Hotels

For the last three days in Sumba, every city that I’ve stayed in has a maximum of about two good hotels. There is no choice, you either stay in the nice hotel or – you risk getting bitten by big spiders that stays in the corner of the dirty hotel and makes your hand look like a mushroom. On the flipside, I’m pretty sure all of the hotel owners in town have got together and fixed the priceas most places start at Rp450,000…

4. The Hotels have Hot Showers

A cold shower is about as welcome to someone with a cold as a Doctor checking up on your – this is a very male problem – prostate gland.

sunset in labuhan bajo

5. The Sunset

I’ve saved the best till last; the sunset. There is simply no way you can feel miserable when you get to see this view every evening!