If you are on a round the world journey of a lifetime or simply taking a week long holiday with the family, it pays to be prepared. Be honest with yourself for a minute, whether we like it or not, accidents do happen. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but there is no way of getting around it.

backpacker first aid kit

Maybe I’m lucky, but after spending a decade on the road I’ve never had any major disasters. Instead I’ve found myself dealing with hundreds of scrapes and close shaves, which is why I recommend carrying a first aid kit. These compact kits contain everything that you could possibly need for a minor emergency.

seton first aid travel kit

There are many companies out there offering great medical kits. Seton offer all sorts of first aid kits for travellers, which makes them my first choice. Having one of these first aid kits in my travel bag gives me the sense of security I need to continue doing the fun (though occasionally dangerous) things that makes travelling such an enjoyable adventure.

travel aid kits

Of course in addition to a first aid travel kit you should also have solid medical insurance that gives you complete medical cover. This is essential for anyone travelling abroad, because sometimes your first aid kit just won’t be enough and medical bills can go from hundreds, to thousands and even tens of thousands of pounds very quickly.

Alongside a first aid travel kit and insurance, it’s worth packing a few things that are specific to your medical needs. This might include things like Athlete’s foot powder if you get sores on your feet or lip balm for chapped lips. All of this might sound obvious to you now as you sit at your computer reading this, but if you find yourself half way around the world without the right medical supplies these minor problems can turn into major irritations.