Travelling as a family can be stressful because it is hard to keep everyone happy. The secret to a relaxing trip is careful planning and trying to make things as fun as possible – especially if you have young kids with you. Here are a few dos and don’ts for arranging a family weekends or trips abroad:

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Do Think Carefully About Your Transportation Needs

If you want to enjoy the ultimate freedom and convenience while travelling, the best option is to rent your own vehicle. This doesn’t have to be an expensive option if you keep your eye out for discounted rates on cars for hire – you also take advantage of auto rental coupons in travel magazines and newspapers. If you don’t feel like driving while on holiday, it is worth paying a bit extra for a bit of comfort when using trains, planes, or busses.

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Do Arrange Accommodation for When You Arrive

If you are going to be travelling long-distance, it is recommended that you arrange accommodation beforehand. It can be so stressful to arrive tired in a strange place and have to go looking for somewhere to stay, it is going to be an ordeal to look for another hotels or resorts.

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Don’t Leave Everything to the Last Minute

If you are travelling from an airport or bus station, it’s best to get there early. If there is too much rushing around at the beginning of the trip, it can leave everyone feeling stressed and grumpy – kids tend to be most affected. Remember that it usually takes longer to get ready for a family trip than it does for a solo one.

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Don’t Set a Travel Schedule that is Too Ambitious

If you have a travel schedule that is overloaded with things to see and do, it is likely to be too stressful; for young children. It is much better to create a flexible plan that leaves plenty of room for relaxing and doing something spontaneous. Make sure to plan your itinerary weeks before your travel so you won’t miss any activities or places to visit within your stay, If you have a schedule that is overly ambitious, it can feel more like an obstacle course than a fun trip.