The One Day You Should Avoid Bali and Not Have S#x in a Temple

You might not even realise that it’s happening until it’s too late. The signs are subtle, but they are there for anyone paying attention. The shops at the International Airport in Bali close early. The ATM’s are switched off, planes are grounded. Hotel staff finish their night shift early and at precisely midnight the air […]

7 Reasons Backpackers Are Not Worried About Horse Meat

I’ll be the first to admit that like many of you out there I’ve probably ended up mistakenly eating horse meat thinking it was beef at some point over the last few years. It’s not something that I ever meant to eat, which got me thinking about some of the crazy foods that I’ve intentionally […]

Why Ever Country Hates There Neighbour and Other Travel Facts

Hating my neighbours is something that I first learnt about in school. I think it’s an unofficial lesson sometime in between learning your seven times table and your first foreign language class. In an environment where anything different would be picked apart, examined and determined as inferior, especially if they had a strange accent or […]

Cargo Cults; Bronze Age Islanders Meet GI Joe

As the tide turned in World War Two, the US went on the offensive against the Japanese in the Pacific and inadvertently spawned a new religion, cargo cults. So how did this happen? Well Air superiority was key to winning the war in the Pacific, so US forces quickly established airbases on Pacific islands like Papua. The airfields […]

Top Ten 2013 European City Breaks

With the price of a plane ticket to Spain costing less than a local train ticket, there is no excuse for not taking a 2013 European city break. Here’s my list of the top ten 2013 European city breaks. 1. Barcelona With amazing architecture, nice beaches and a booming nightlife, there are lots of things […]

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