Unmissable Madakaripura: The Most Amazing Waterfall in Indonesia

Visiting Madakaripura Waterfall is the perfect way to end the day after joining the┬áBromo tour (find out more about the tour here). You can visit the waterfall in the afternoon if you choose to rent a car. Find out what to expect if you visit Madakaripura Waterfall in this short article below. I promise you […]

Pulau Sempu: An Untouched Gem on the Indian Ocean

Pulau Sempu is a beautiful Indonesian island on the Indian Ocean that is just a short day trip away from the city of Malang in East Java. For anyone visiting the area, a trip to Pulau Sempu is a perfect addition to watching sunrise over Bromo or visiting Madakaripura waterfall. What to See Pulau Sempu […]

The Best Holiday Island in Indonesia

It’s been almost three years since the last time I visited Lombok. At the time the island was going through teething problems as it struggled to develop its shoddy infrastructure. The state of the art international airport that had recently been built with Saudi money stood abandoned; the broken runway sinking into a swamp. The […]

Nusa Penida: The Best Kept Secret in Bali

In three years in Indonesia, I have visited most parts of Bali. Even for someone living in the country, Bali, is still the classic tourist destination. The beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere of the island offers an important release valve when everything in the capital gets a bit too much. I normally visit Bali at […]

Diving in Raja Ampat: You Would Be Crazy to Miss It

If you ask me about my dream diving destination, I can happily say I have already visited it. In fact, Raja Ampat in Papua, consistently comes up as one of the top ten diving destinations from around the world and if you ever get a chance to visit you will quickly understand why. A marine […]

The Ultimate Guide to Jakarta’s Nightlife

If you’re stuck in Jakarta for a few days and you’ve already visited Pulau Seribu, then fear not because the city has some awesome nightlife. The sprawling metropolis comes to life on the weekend as the countries young middle class clock off, put their best clobber on and head out for a good time. With […]

The Only Place to Get Away From it All

Choosing where to go in Indonesia was a hard decision for me, but diving in Bunaken sounded tempting. I really wanted to go diving in Raja Ampat, but that quite expensive, so I settled with Sulawesi and the chance to go diving in Bunaken. The beautiful tropical island of Bumaken with its lush green forests […]

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