Funny Photos: Arctic Conditions Defeat Tropical Travellers

People will do anything to stay warm as I was finding out. There must have been almost 100 tourists and backpackers packed onto the little viewing platform that misty Thursday morning waiting to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. All of them had arrived early so that they could capture the perfect photo moment, but none of them […]

Tana Toraja: When Death becomes a Tourist Attraction

A shawl covered her head, but as she turned it fell away revealing the lined face of an old woman. Her skin was a rich weathered brown. There were smile lines around her mouth, but today her eyes were red and puffy. Tears ran freely down her cheeks. She leaned forwards again, her two hands gripping […]

The Secrets of Indonesian Black Magic

In Indonesia black magic is known as Ilmu Hitam and practitioners of the dark arts can be found on almost every island of this vast archipelago. A belief in magic crosses cultural and religious barriers. Magic and the paranormal sit easily alongside a belief in Muhammed, Christ and the Hindu Gods. As a tourist, the […]

Toraja: Just Who can Afford a Funeral?

Rantepao buffalo market, Toraja; the streets were so packed it was impossible to walk down them. Cars sat bumper to bumper crawling along the muddy track. Scooters passed around the outside, fighting with the crowds of people walking towards the market. On the sidewalks old women and men had laid out food on mats; piles […]

Off the Beaten Track: Five Best Places in Indonesia

Bali, Yogyakarta, the Gili Islands and Lombok, this is Indonesia for most backpackers and you’re guaranteed an awesome time. However, if you want to get really blown away and experience something that few other tourists will ever experience, then you should throw away your guidebook and loose the rest of the backpackers. These five places […]

From Backpacking to Luxury Living: The Ultimate Travel Guide to Raja Ampat

The turquoise and cobalt blue waters of the bay in Raja Ampat, Papua, shimmered under the light of the morning sun. Rocky outcrops, black as ink and sharp as razor blades broke through the warm tropical waters. Small beaches of golden sand broke up the jagged coastline, abutting the thickly wooded lowlands of Wayag Islands. […]

Air Safety in Indonesia: The Facts You Don’t Want to Know

“Short on Pilots, Government turns to Civil Servants to Fill Gap.” This was an actual newspaper headline in an Indonesian national newspaper on May 3. For anyone worried about Indonesia’s air safety record following the crash of the Lion Air jet in Bali a few weeks ago, you will be glad to know that these […]

Sawarna Beach: Revealing the Beauty of Rural Java

I arrived at Sawarna beach stiff and exhausted after a heavy seven hour car ride from Jakarta. I desperately needed to stretch and snap my bones back into their proper place. In fact, what I really needed was a massage, but that just wasn’t going to happen, so I settled for arching my back while breathing in […]

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