An Unforgettable Road Trip: The Highlights of East Indonesia

My last road trip from Yogyakarta to Flores was an epic adventure and was easily the equal of my first road trip around Australia. Unfortunately by the time I finished, my backside had a new appreciation of cushions and there were be a few near death experiences on the road that I needed to talk […]

5 Top Attractions Around Ubud for an Awesome Adventure

Motorbikes and backpacking is what holidays are all about. There’s nothing quite like the experience of heading off into the rural backlanes of Bali on a rented scooter to explore the countryside. The view of the endless rice paddies and the warm tropical sun on your skin is enough to put a smile on anybodies […]

A Guide to the City: 3 Days 2 Nights in Yogyakarta

Making the most of a city can be tough without the right planning. Even with the best planning you can still miss some of the cities highlights. To help you make the most of Yogyakarta I created this three-day itinerary that includes the highlights of the city (and I’ve had a few years to prepare […]

How I Burst Onto the International Sports Scene

It was about 10km into the first race of the Musi Triboatton and I had hit my physical limit. The blisters on my hands had blisters and I was unable to hold the paddle properly anymore. In fact, I was so tired that I was having problems even pretending to row. My teammates on the […]

Ubud: A Royal Funeral

I joined the early morning crowd who had gathered around the central temple in Ubud for the royal funeral. The crowd was noisy and the sound of the chatter of tourists mixed with the beating of the drums and the chanting of the priests, two of whom sat outside the temple on a specially constructed […]

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