Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC Trekking): Do It Yourself Guide

This is the right time to visit Nepal. After the earthquake in April 2015, Nepal was devastated. One of the ways you can help the country is by visiting Nepal. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal. Most of the visitors come for nature and adventure tourism, including me. I happily spent my money trekking […]

11 Unforgettable Things to do in Sri Lanka

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka. I spent a month travelling around the island and I fell in love. For a start, the people are laid back. You don’t get the stress or the hassle that you get when walking the streets of India. The scenery is beautiful, the history enchanting […]

The Highlights of Sri Lanka: A Visit to Sigiriya Rock

I’d never heard about Sigiriya Rock before arriving in Sri Lanka, but I was enchanted by the photos. It’s a palace/ fortress built on the magma chamber of an extinct volcano. Imagine Macchu Pichu without the mountains in the background as your almost there. Why it’s not more famous is anyone’s guess (though decades of civil […]

11 Things to do In Galle for Your Sri Lankan Holiday

Surrounded by the thick stonewalls of an ancient fort and jutting out into the Indian is the old town of Galle. With cobbled streets and colonial whitewashed houses, the old town of Galle is one of the highlights of Sri Lanka. It’s an enchanting place with a relaxed atmosphere. I fell in love and found […]

Walking Through Town with a Rhino: Exploring Chitwan National Park

We were ordering a coffee when we found out. “Did you see the rhino going through town the other night?” I did a double take. “What do you mean?” A month ago I didn’t know there were rhinos in Nepal. Yet in almost every travel agency in Kathmandu you could see posters of the animal. […]

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