Essential Guide for an Australian Road Trip

There is something about Australia that screams road-trip to every backpacker who visits the country. It’s the modern day equivalent of hitting the Silk Road in a beaten up old VW Camper Van. The country has thousands of miles of open road to explore. There are breathtaking views, sites to see, adventures to be had […]

The Best Preperation for an Australian Adventure. You Have to See This

There are few better ways to get into the mood for an adventure and learn about a countries history and culture than through books and films. Here is a collection of essential reading and viewing material for any backpacker preparing to backpack around Australia or head off on an incredible road trip. Films About Australia […]

The Ultimate Guide to When and Were to Get Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Exploring Australia is a dream for most backpackers, which is why so many of us choose to sign up for a one year work visa to make the most of this beautiful country. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, but to make the most of it you are going to need to find a […]

A Stolen Passport, $1,100 Fine and an Unforgettable Adventure in Aus

It’s been ten years now since my road trip with my two best friends around Australia. There were three of a small camper van and us. From the start things seemed to go down hill for us, well for me at least. My passport had been stolen on my first night out in Bangkok and […]

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