The province of Cadiz is located in the southern region of Andalusia, in Spain. This area is the southernmost tip of the country, and on a clear day you can even see the outline of Africa on one of its many beaches. Do not miss the region’s cultural and natural attractions, its pristine beaches and its water sports.

The historical city of Cadiz

The city of Cadiz is located on a peninsula. There are many historical landmarks worth visiting, ranging from the ancient cathedral to the place where Spain’s constitution was signed. There are three main tourist routes around the city. All three of them start at the waterfront, near the harbour. Each route has its own theme. The first one is dedicated to the city’s history, and crisscrosses the city towards the cathedral. The second one is dedicated to the constitution, and follows the path between government buildings. The third one takes you around historical places, where trade with the newly discovered Americas took place. After learning about the city’s history, spend an afternoon in one of the many parks. There is a large park decorated with tropical plants and tiled benches and floors. This park has views towards the sea.

city cadiz

Tarifa and its pristine beach

Tarifa is a paradisaic place. Expanses of golden and white sand beaches and crashing blue waves are what you will find in this town. The town is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country. Despite this, it is one of the less crowded beaches in Spain. If you are into kite surf and surf, then Tarifa is your place. You can stay at one of the many campings, hotels and large beach resorts with sea views located close to the beach. If you are more interested in exploring traditional towns, then head to the historical city center, a place with narrow, cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses typical of this southern region.

Puerto de Santa María and its architecture

Located close to the city of Cadiz, the town of Puerto de Santa María can be reached by a ferry. This town has several urban beaches, a castle and many churches. Near the waterfront you will find the San Marcos castle.

Beaches and water sports

There are many other beach towns and resorts in the region. Check out the traditional town of Chiclana de la Frontera and spend an afternoon on its 6km La Barrosa beach. In the nearby town of Sancti Petri you will find a variety of chic resorts close to several beaches. The Bolonia beach is another popular place, a natural beach with views towards the Atlantic Ocean.

A taste of Andalusia

In any of these towns you will find traditional Andalusian architecture, beaches and a variety of restaurants serving local food. The most typical dishes that you will find in the region are seafood products and pescaito frito, deep fried fish.