Longing for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Looking for a great shopping destination for filling your bags and emptying your wallet? If you need a short break, there’s no need to spend big and travel internationally.
These six destinations are great places to spend a long weekend away from work-related stress. From city living to calm countryside, read on to discover six of the best UK short break destinations.

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Stunning scenery and friendly locals make the Peak District a top destination. Image Source

1. Edinburgh
Easily accessible by road or rail from the North of England, Edinburgh is one of the UK’s best scenic break destinations. Home to a beautiful historical city and some of the country’s best events, this charming Scottish city is a great place to visit.
Enjoy wonderful historical architecture, great food, and friendly locals in Scotland’s most tourist-friendly city. Whether you’re arriving by road, rail or air, Edinburgh is an excellent weekend break destination.

2. Lake District
From the beautiful scenery to the wide selection of activities, there’s plenty to tempt travellers into visiting the Lake District. Easily accessible from any major UK city by road, rail or air, the Lake District is an excellent weekend break destination.
Relax and board a historical steamer, embark on beautiful mountain walks, or catch a play at one of the Lake District’s famous lakeside theatres. The Lake District is an excellent all-round destination for individuals, couples and families alike.

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3. London
From shopping to culture, London is an excellent place to enjoy the best that the UK has to offer. A gigantic city offering everything from live theatre to high-end fashion, London is a great destination for shopping and entertainment holidays.

4. Cornwall
Visit the beaches, the cafés or the wonderful nightlife options. Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s finest coastal destinations, and its easy accessibility makes it the UK’s top spot to relax and unwind.

5. Peak District
Great scenery, charming castles, and friendly locals all make the Peak District one of the UK’s top break destinations. Book a few nights in a local bed and breakfast for an enjoyable, relaxing experience in this charming part of upcountry England.

6. Devon
Home to some of the country’s finest beaches, Devon is a great break destination. A short drive from several major cities and a brief air journey from almost anywhere in the UK, Devon is easy to access and even easier to enjoy.