It’s April 1 and I guarantee some of you will have already fallen for an April fools. If you haven’t already, but you fancy a laugh, here is a round up of some of the best April Fools hitting the headlines around the world today.

Anyone who feels like they have ever missed that perfect photo moment need never worry again thanks to Orbotix. The company has just released the SelfieBot, which will hover next to the user indefinitely and record every aspect of your life in high definition. Perfect for when you want that moment of privacy.


According to news-hound, on April 4th, a rare gravitational phenomenon, caused by Pluto passing behind Jupiter. “The combined gravitational force of the two planets would exert a stronger tidal pull, temporarily counteracting the Earth’s own gravity and making people weigh less.”

Samsung are set to launch the Fi-Fly, which will turn pigeons into mobile Wi-Fi transmitters. Trials are set to start in London, before being rolled out globally. The pigeons will be fully rechargeable as “they are natural conductors of electricity because they have hollow bones. This means they will be able to recharge the micro-routers when they perch on power lines.” So no need to worry about loosing Wi-Fi signal ever again.

According to The Guardian, Scotland has plans to take down all the countries road signs following devolution and everyone in the country will drive on the right hand side of the road.

Google have added Pokémon to Google Maps this year. You can start your quest to track down the 150 Pokémon that have been placed around the world if you have nothing better to do with yourself today.


As a result of funding cuts ABC Far North Radio have had to cut 10% of programming every hour. Just for today, listeners will be treated to a few minutes of elevator music every hour.

Virgin are launching personalised climate control for their trans-Atlantic service. The feature will allow passengers to adjust the temperature from anything between “Chicago Polar Vortex” and “Cancun Afternoon.”


Peugeot have launched a new customisable car horn, known as the Audio Sonic Horns. Drivers will be able to create their own horn sounds and they can even control everything from their humble smartphone. Orvil Pondaiss, the head of the Audio Sonic Personalisation Department, has customised his horn to sound like his four year old son laughing. He told reporters, “the only limit is a persons imagination.”


Google have launched the Gmail Shelfie that allows users to turn their selfies into custom backgrounds for friends and family. According to the site; “Gmail Shelfie is built on the idea that you shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie. With just a few clicks, your mom, your aunt, or that girl you have a crush on can set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme so they can enjoy checking, reading, and writing emails while seeing your friendly face in the background.”


Domino’s have launched a new edible pizza box called the Edibox. Not only will the Edibox fill you up, but it will also save you the problem of having to throw your box away.


Ocada has launched a new and highly practical 42-inch tablet. Ryan Lipowitz, head of technological innovational-innovations at Ocado technology stated: “We found that 80 per cent of the time, 40 per cent of people needed a device that had 120 per cent the power of desktop, 12 per cent of the time. Once you hold one in your arms you will understand what an incredible advancement this is, delivering all-lunch battery life in the biggest full-sized tablet in the world.”


Mini will be launching the Mini Cooper T, which is to be powered by a tea-leaf biofuel. The fuel will be available in a variety of flavours, including Earl Grey, Camomile and Red Bush. The company have also developed a special DAT feature, or Dunk Avoidance Technology, which will stop peckish owners and passers by from dunking biscuits in the cars fuel tank.


BMW has launched its patented G-Force Technology that will simulate the experience of driving at high speed when you are in a traffic jam. The Force injection System will transfer the kinetic energy of the engine through the air vents. A mild electric shock transmitted through the seats will give the user an added boost.


Google will launch the Google Glass Solo, or Google Monocle as an alternative to Google Glass. The single lens can be handily tucked into a pocket or waistcoat when not in use and is perfect for the old fashioned Lord.

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