What Wat is the Best Wat?

For six centuries Angkor Wat temple and the area surrounding Siem Reap was home to the rulers of the Khmer Kingdom, one of the mightiest civilisations in South East Asia. Like Choquequirao or Borobudur temple, little of what they built has survived the test of time. The largest pre-industrial city in the world is now […]

Revealing the Best and the Worst Way of Exploring Kuala Lumpur

We’d been exploring Kuala Lumpur on the hop on hop off bus for a couple if hours when the door to the bus slid open. This was our fifth stop for the day, the Kings Palace. As I got off the bus I immediately started sweating. The air was hot and humid and the sky […]

Top Ten 2013 European City Breaks

With the price of a plane ticket to Spain costing less than a local train ticket, there is no excuse for not taking a 2013 European city break. Here’s my list of the top ten 2013 European city breaks. 1. Barcelona With amazing architecture, nice beaches and a booming nightlife, there are lots of things […]

The Most Amazing Tourist Destinations on your Doorstep

Exploring your own backyard is just somethingg that most people don’t do and I’m as much a culprit as anyone. Despite having lived a large part of my life in Somerset, I had never explored the cultural gems in my area like the Roman baths in Bath until earlier this year. I’ve still only seen […]

Expatriate or Immigrant: How Everything Changes When you Move Abroad

Immigrants, that’s you and me if we decide to live and work abroad. Talk about it within the context of home however and just that one word by itself is enough to provoke a reaction from most people. The issue is never far from the public consciousness and tabloid newspapers unashamedly play upon these fears […]

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