The Ultimate (Relaxed) Tourist Town in the North of Peru

Huanchaco is a sleepy little coastal town located on the outskirts of Trujillo, it’s larger and more industrialised neighbour. Like the countryside surrounding it, Huanchaco is a pale dusty place a bit like Ica. It owes its existence to one of the many small river valleys that bring life to this part of the world. […]

Everything you Need to Know and Arrange to Climb Mount Merapi

Tired, hot, dusty and smelling like an animal that had been dead for a week I hobbled slowly down the slope to the car park after having climbed Mount Merapi volcano, Indonesia’s most active volcano. Far from feeling like an all-conquering hero, all I wanted were some simple home comforts; a hot shower, a change […]

Cargo Cults; Bronze Age Islanders Meet GI Joe

As the tide turned in World War Two, the US went on the offensive against the Japanese in the Pacific and inadvertently spawned a new religion, cargo cults. So how did this happen? Well Air superiority was key to winning the war in the Pacific, so US forces quickly established airbases on Pacific islands like Papua. The airfields […]

Why Budget Airlines Cost You More Money

If you’re strapped for cash budget airlines are a godsend, especially if you find the best comparison sites. At least that’s what I thought before I started using them regularly, then I realised that more often than not these airlines actually end up costing you money. From the very start budget airlines charge you for […]

Pulau Seribu: The Best Weekend Escape from Jakarta

If you’re stuck in Jakarta and Jakarta nightlife is getting too much for you then Pulau Seribu is the place to go to. Although there are only about 150 of them, the thousand Islands as they are known offer some much needed sunshine and relaxation away from the city smog. These chain of islands are just […]

Three Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Learning a New Language

I’ve always enjoyed learning a new language. Whenever I travel to a new country I try and pick up a few moments, but I have a problem; after the years in Indonesia I can’t speak the language. Right now in fact I’m sitting at home trying to read an Indonesian newspaper. It should be a […]

Singapore: A Millionaire’s Paradise

Singapore recently topped the list of cities with the most millionaires this year, beating Geneva and Zurich that have been exchanging the prize between themselves for the best part of the last decade. This is a sure sign that the capital in the world is slowly moving East. You can understand why the rich are […]

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