Mae Hong Son Loop: Arranging Your Road Trip

It’s been over 15 years since the last time I visited the North of Thailand. It might as well have been a lifetime ago, certainly too long to clearly remember anything about the region. Being short of time and wanting to make the most of the trip I decided to try the Mae Hong Son […]

Exploring Ethiopia: The Best and the Worst of Lalibela

Bete Giyorgis. I didn’t know the name of the church when we took the decision to visit Ethiopia. I remember seeing the photo of the monastery carved out of the stone in an old travel book. Bete Giyorgis, Saint George, is one of the iconic landmarks of Ethiopia. As we prepared for our trip to […]

10 Things to do in Taipei (which will fill up your days in the city)

I didn’t have any plans to go to Taiwan. It was a spur of the moment idea (the first time I’ve let Skyscanner decide where I should take a holiday). Obviously the first thing I needed to do after I booked my ticket was make an itinerary of things to do in Taipei. You know, […]

Starting an Online Business From a One Page Website

The first time I launched an online business I got it all wrong. I spent 9 months developing a WordPress plugin. I invested just short of $8,000 of my cash, spent hundreds of frustrating hours trying to find a good developer (far too difficult) and dozens of hours reviewing the plugin and offering feedback. And […]

11 Unforgettable Things to do in Sri Lanka

There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka. I spent a month travelling around the island and I fell in love. For a start, the people are laid back. You don’t get the stress or the hassle that you get when walking the streets of India. The scenery is beautiful, the history enchanting […]

The Highlights of Sri Lanka: A Visit to Sigiriya Rock

I’d never heard about Sigiriya Rock before arriving in Sri Lanka, but I was enchanted by the photos. It’s a palace/ fortress built on the magma chamber of an extinct volcano. Imagine Macchu Pichu without the mountains in the background as your almost there. Why it’s not more famous is anyone’s guess (though decades of civil […]

11 Things to do In Galle for Your Sri Lankan Holiday

Surrounded by the thick stonewalls of an ancient fort and jutting out into the Indian is the old town of Galle. With cobbled streets and colonial whitewashed houses, the old town of Galle is one of the highlights of Sri Lanka. It’s an enchanting place with a relaxed atmosphere. I fell in love and found […]

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