Ethiopia Danakil Depression Tour: Should You Do It?

While Nico wanted to go to Ethiopia to visit Lalibela, I wanted to visit Erta Ale (btw, you can read Ethiopia Visa requirement for Indonesian here). This area in the Afar region is one of the very few places in the world where you can witness directly (yup, close and personal) flowing lava. This was […]

Ethiopia Visa for Indonesian Citizen

Since several friends asked about how I got my Ethiopia Visa, I decided to write this blog post. I’ll have a page for Visa for Indonesian Citizens, which I’ll (hopefully) update from time to time. I applied for my Ethiopia Visa from Nairobi, Kenya. The process itself was pretty straight forward, but there was a […]

Packing Tips for Long Term Travel

I left Indonesia on 3rd August 2016, I didn’t know that I would be travelling on a yearlong trip. At the time I thought we’d be going for two months. Three tops! It’s been 8,5 months already (you can read the reality of my long-term travel here)! And though we are constantly changing our plans […]

The Reality of My Long-Term Travel

“So I guess you visit places everyday, right?” Some of my friends have been curious about what I’m doing during my long-term travels. And it has been a while… The 3rd August 2016 is the date on my departure stamp from Indonesia. Today is 6th of April, so I have been travelling for 8 months. […]

International Day of Forests: Stories About The Forest

Today is the International Day of Forests. Since 2013, 21st March is a day where we celebrate forests and the great outdoors. It is a reminder of how important Forests are in our life (and especially for the future). And a good excuse to go outside and take a stroll in the woods. I would […]

23 Things to do in Zanzibar (and why I Fell in Love With the Islands)

Zanzibar reminds me a lot of Bali. Not only because it is touristy, but because the islands are really famous compared to the rest of the country; Tanzania. For example most people have been heard of Bali, but many can’t hide their puzzled face when I say I come from Indonesia. “Yes we know Bali! […]

Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC Trekking): Do It Yourself Guide

This is the right time to visit Nepal. After the earthquake in April 2015, Nepal was devastated. One of the ways you can help the country is by visiting Nepal. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal. Most of the visitors come for nature and adventure tourism, including me. I happily spent my money trekking […]

Walking Through Town with a Rhino: Exploring Chitwan National Park

We were ordering a coffee when we found out. “Did you see the rhino going through town the other night?” I did a double take. “What do you mean?” A month ago I didn’t know there were rhinos in Nepal. Yet in almost every travel agency in Kathmandu you could see posters of the animal. […]

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