Hi there. I’m Firsta.

Pronounced First with an ‘a’ (not Fiesta). If you guessed I was the first child you are right. Lucky for my little brother he is not called second, but that’s a different story.

Three years ago I quit my corporate job and started a blog, Discover Your Indonesia. It was a chance to share my love of travel (and some useful information) with other travellers. It’s an unfinished project. I’ll never finish exploring my country. 😉

200+ articles later I am travelling outside Indonesia again. A Travellers Journey, originally Nico’s blog, is where I share my travel stories outside Indonesia, but also tips on how to break free of the regular 9 to 5 (that’s only if you want to of course).

And I’m Nico.

For the last few years I’ve been trying to strike the right balance between work and life. As the picture suggests, it’s been a struggle. This is where I share my travel experiences as well as a few business tips.


I am happy you are here and I hope you enjoy our travel stories. Have a fantastic day!